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Re: CSS - Look in the future

Post by cube3j » Wed Feb 19, 2020 2:05 pm

Dear Wim,
You say :
Yes .... in this particular case .....

But in this particular case the virtual model CSS values are always going up from the first to the fifth years
0.471, 0.491, 0.509, 0.524, 0.581
Why do you say that the 1,2,3 years are more stressing ? it is the point i don't understand, is there something i didn't see or ear in the video ?

An other thing is disturbing me in the example 1:18:20 :
You start your example on the first line (no auto model button clicked).
You left clic on the first column of the first line, a red dot appear for the first year with the virtual model CSS value of 0.447 and it never change after for the 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 years and you give an explanation, it's very clear.
I tried to reproduce that and my conclusion is that the CSS value never change (to 0.001 point near) in the time if there only one line with the little red dot.
It works if there are a minimum of 2 lines with a red dot (for example by clicking on the auto model button) and when i click on one of this line, the virtual mode CSS value can going up or down or be stable depending on the situation but coherent following your explanations (that's very interesting).
I have tested that with the 8D Professionnel edition V6 and with the Expert edition V7 and I have exactly the same results. It can change of 0.001 point plus or minus but never more.

If i am not clear, i can send examples.

Again thanks a lot for your help
Jean Jacques

PS : Don't hesitate to tell me if my questions are boring.
Jean Jacques

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Re: CSS - Look in the future

Post by Meta Grandmaster » Wed Feb 19, 2020 6:26 pm

Dear J

I am not a parrot :lol:

Again you say what i did not say ... no problem :D

in THIS PARTICULAR case..... you have to interpret the data

Normally every year presents WHEN the stress change will become IF nothing is done ....

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