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How Do I convert Audio/Music/Speech to Rife frequencies to be used inside Spooky2 software/hardware

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2021 4:11 am
by axxology92

Hi All,

I just want to ask, has anyone ever done any audio, music or speech that is converted to a rife frequency that can be run on any rife/frequency machine?
For example, you record a voice, then modulate it to 7.83 and then send to the rife machine like Atelier Robin or Spooky2.

If so, then what device/software you use to convert the audio, music or speech to those frequencies?
Anyone had used this method in conjunction with the Meta Black Box?



Re: How Do I convert Audio/Music/Speech to Rife frequencies to be used inside Spooky2 software/hardware

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2021 10:01 am
by MetaGrandmaster

Dear Arzin,

The earth main freq of 7.83 Hz is OLD news .... the mainfreq has already lifted 2.5 times higers up to 3 times , the past 20 years ....

The main source of schumann resonances are lightning worldwide. On average there are 50 lightning discharges per second. [4] The electric current of each discharge produces a pulse of electromagnetic radiation. These pulses then propagate through the atmosphere. Because the ionosphere reflects the pulses towards the Earth's surface, and the Earth's surface in turn reflects them towards the ionosphere, the pulses remain trapped in the atmosphere. As a result, the waves continue to travel around the earth at a frequency of more than 7 times per second ( speed of light / circumference).

The spectrum of a measurement of the ELF band. The peaks are schumann resonances. (The peak at 50 Hz is caused by electricity grids )
The atmosphere functions as a hollow space in which resonances arise as a result of standing waves . The wavelength of the lowest standing wave is equal to the circumference of the Earth. In particular frequencies of 7.83 Hz on average are amplified, but also 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz. These values ​​may fluctuate slightly due to varying atmospheric conditions.

The amplitude of the magnetic field of these resonances is of the order of 1 pico tesla [4] , more than ten million times less than that of the Earth's magnetic field . Its electric field amplitude is 0.3 mV / m.

Usage to convert audio / speech towards 7.83 Hz ............ is useless since ;

The voice / thoughts / feelings / audio ITSELF has many frequencies and is targeted on specific conditions to be usefull / to be manifested

There is ONE way to combine text / thoughts / feelings WITH bioresonance freqs .... this is done by
The ISHA AURA commandments in the catalog of " UNIVERSAL REHABILITATION" to reconnect with the universe
and when above 1.500

When te re-connection is made (auto treatment class level 6 + scripts) THEN all wishes of good health, relations, money manifest with high speed.

THEN do specific GOD commandments in The ISHA Aura Commandments Pro Expert Physio

And miracles start to happen

ps others are free to answer