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Welcome to the ISHA Quantum Metaphysics Non Linear Systems Family

*Please read our medical disclaimer https://nonlinearsystem.eu/medical-disclaimer
We are researchers, scientists, inventors, developers, creators, healers, teachers, NLS specialists.

Since this is a private protected area for only ISHA members, the protection of members and freedom is a golden rule.
NOTHING may be copied or distributed without the written approval of ISHA.
Severe penalties will follow if this notice is neglected and the privacy of our members is violated or illegally misused.

Rules ?? We have only 4 rules : to love, to respect, do not insult ... and bring positives :)
(*people already suffered enough on stress and negatives, so this is why we have these rules)

Our members (and moderators), are self-controlled users, medical doctors, therapists of all kinds,
scientists, surgerists, psychologists, psychiatrists, technicians, university teachers, professors....
of many research, developments and healing modalities.
Some with already 45 years of experience in health, healing and Non-Linear Systems.

Together sharing thousands of years of experiences for the benefit of all human kind.

Many are trained from generation to generation by masters and grandmasters in many secret teachings.

Many of them worked in famous hospitals worldwide, some even for 25 years ...
and then realized to start their own practice since they really want to help other people,
but free, outside the system. Not guided by money, greed, status but by love.

Almost all, did become master students of ISHA and became an ISHA Apprentice Master because of the
knowledge and healing powers of the worldwide proven to work FREE of charge ISHA protocols.
These teachings are now for over a year also being teached/used on universities of Gratz, Munchen, Manchester,
for new doctors to become, as many members did report.

*New insights of the real working principles of the body and healing are provided by ISHA researches and classes by wich we bypass the "take the organ out" and poor DNA mentality, radiation and chemo poisons.
We demonstrate and teach to do treatments from the miracle level of the RNA in the mitochondria, re-establish the workings of the body bio-communication systems. We also use NLS to do the analysis, control, planning, monitoring.
And even use thousands of years old knowledge from the ISHA Aura commandments. And many more ....

As GOD instructed for thousands of years in all religions, "as within, so without \ outside" to do the miracle healings.
Old inferior DNA can not produce new good quality dna, only RNA can .... just watch\study
The Apprentice Masters Classes like all did and you know the TRUTH and the true path of
real fast health and healing.

Many started also from other working areas a health practice, or are now being to do so.....
Many were originally normal people who experienced the real powers of healing by NLS and
The ISHA protocols, themselves, after being immobilized and having suffered intensely for many years ...
and then wanted to share their experiences, so other people could have that 2e chance too.
Just as they did get.

Many did get "the call by GOD' or just received it, just like you did ..... ?

Realize this, when you help 1 person, you really help his/her whole family to get rid of the fears,
stress, anger, frustrations, desperations .... you are bringing them all, joy, laughter, bliss ...

REAL Real self written testimonials from real people\doctors all over the world

This is the global forum about Bioresonance, Quantum Metaphysics and *Multi Biophilia 4D X1 and X2,
the 3D plus, 8D Lris Pro & Expert, 8D Aura Surgery, Meta Hunter.

The really powerful invented, based on 100.000 hours and many years of research,
developed, improved, proven to work the best, proven in this reality by many testimonials
and thank you emails, from all over the world.

The special developed and proven to be successful with NLS for all people. And as teached in
The Apprentice Masters Classes, worldwide, witnessed by many in real-life sessions.
The ISHA powerfull software NLS versions. Used by many specialists and users all over the world like;

The ISHA Virus Expert Pro with special group 24 to select in 1 minute, to lower their bioactivity
and fewer neurotoxins are produced, so body systems can function again.
The ISHA DNA Expert Pro with over 400 pairs of DNA+RNA + Chromo. One-click selects all.
The ISHA Aura Commandments Pro Expert Physio with the powerful " Universal Rehabilitation"
The most powerful and newest ISHA Metatron Pro for IN-DEPTH miracle healing
The Most advanced ISHA Biophilia X1 with over 5000 etalons, auto scan, and treatments
The ISHA Dogs NLS Pro Expert. The coming NLS for cows and horses
The ISHA automatic NLS treatments 24x7 hours, weeks, months, the ISHA Murgee scripts\progs.

The famous ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box RNA\DNA for worldwide remote scans & treatments,
so the world becomes your client.... no boundaries, no limitations ...

The only real in-depth working, ISHA Multi Power Rife Zapper.
So the viruses, bacteria, worms, helminth, really are killed.
And the integrated CES function by wich people feel relieved by endorphines production,
and finally get rid of their drugs addictions, some even after they tried all and after 30 years ... (see testimonials).

The FREE ISHA Cure for all people, the miracle cure wich fills in what human kind has been missing the past 50 years and many, many more. True miracle healings .... (see real testimonials).

All brand owners are welcome. All can join and receive the support of this forum members
and global team of moderators (*see the moderator list on the right side).

* however promotion of inferior other brands is not allowed and will be removed.
Since there is a lot of garbage........ :(
We want the best to be available for all people, despite origin, culture or income ...
Everyone deserves a real 2e chance.... by GOOD working NLS systems, software, and tools.
And the best worldwide integer high-quality teachings and support based on many years of research.

Darkness can not drive out darkness ...... only light can.
And the truth will set Thy free

The name ISHA is given on request to serve all, by the spirit of the universe.
So all cultures, religions are integrated. So all are one to believe and receive.
Because we are all ONE in the eyes and mind of GOD, Allah, Elohim, Yehovah, Yah, Yahweh, Spirit and Gaya.
When you have studied all religions, you will see all is the same. And all are the same.
And all deserve the same ....... a 2e chance.

ISHA stands for, International School of Healing Arts since 1988

In Hindu, Goddess of protection
In Hindi, "God of the north".
In Hindostan,  "Someone who protects"
In Möslim, Last evening prayer
In Arabic, Have a long life ....

Although this forum is concentrated on Quantum Metaphysics, Bioresonance, and NLS.
We really accept all healing modalities which contribute to helping our brothers and sisters for a 2e chance.

There is NO other place on this planet which gives this NEW groundbreaking insights, teachings, protocols and help

Therapists of all origins, shamans, healers, masters, grandmasters, psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors, natural doctors, specialists, surgerists, neurologists, scientists, medical scientists, professors.

It is the only true place where all do care and all do help all. From 151 countries ...
And more to come ... :)
See here at the bottom all members from index.php 151 countries.

Realize this; 70% of our members are medical doctors, therapists, specialists, scientists, professors,
10% technicians, 20% self-controlled users. All are looking for a change.
Many are starting their own (new) clinic\practice, out of the system.

Combining Bioresonance, Quantum Health, NLS, Rife, Herbs, Reiki, Qigong, Ionic Detox, Remote healing,
Healing secrets and many others gives the BEST and FASTEST results !!
There is not one path to walk......

HOW THIS FORUM WORKS ? See here viewtopic.php?f=19&t=994
Or directly here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6cQM6E ... l&index=20

The Free ISHA Cure, the most important to read and use !
By checking 35 year of research on The National Disease controll Center of Atlanta and the WHO
scientific papers (conclusions 75% is commercially involved), there were many missing links and info
in current poor sciences of body working, health and healing.
Then back in 2005 all was given and presented with the final knowing answers, by the spirit of the universe ...

Learn all about true healing, study, and again read it every month!
THE FREE ISHA CURE - A REAL 2e chance for ALL people


And others NOT ??

More than 45 years research & testing, disclosing all secret remedies of kings on planet earth.
Finally the ultimate tonic from many "secret" super king tonics combined in ONE
powerfull tonicum wich will bring healing on all levels.
Go here viewtopic.php?p=8510#p8510

Go here for THE APPRENTICE MASTERS OF NLS http://3d-8d-hunter.com/viewtopic.php?t=616

The 24K GOLD Certificates http://3d-8d-hunter.com/viewtopic.php?t=671

REAL Testimonials from people\doctors all over the world http://3d-8d-hunter.com/viewtopic.php?f ... [/b]#p7125

*Finally a real working Rife - The ISHA Multi Power Zapper - for freedom and health.
Go here http://3d-8d-hunter.com/viewtopic.php?f ... pper#p3745

Worldwide Remote scans and treatments - The ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box.
Treat cliënts all over the world, no time, no distance limits.
Go here http://3d-8d-hunter.com/viewtopic.php?f ... +box#p2081

The Real Ionic Detox machine for fast results !
http://3d-8d-hunter.com/viewtopic.php?f ... 4034#p4034

ISHA Informational videos on YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q79zwhM ... Rl&index=1

Automation of your 3D, 8D, Hunter, Biophilia by the special ISHA LEVEL 6 VIDEOS AND FREE SCRIPTS scripts !!
https://nonlinearsystem.eu/shop/hunter- ... f=13&t=905

Click board index to SEE ALL http://3d-8d-hunter.com/index.php

PS you will not see anything without registration * Please register to see all :shock:

HAVE A WONDERFULL TIME COMING :) by helping people the right way..... by the heart
And by giving them and their families a 2e chance of good Health, Joy and happiness.

Amitābha, Mahasthamaprapta, Guanyin.
Mahā Karuṇā Dhāranī
* Quan Yin, the spiritual teacher and guide of MGM and protector of the global ISHA family.

Since this is a private protected area for only ISHA members, the protection of members and freedom is a golden rule, NOTHING may be copied or distributed without the written approval of ISHA.
Severe penalties will follow if this notice is neglected and the privacy of our members is violated or illegally misused.

*Medical disclaimer https://nonlinearsystem.eu/medical-disclaimer

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